Friday, January 23, 2009

Dude, you live in a closet. Seriously.

Uncool DudePersonal finance folk always tout the perks of having a roommate, sharing a home or downsizing to eliminate extra space that's underutilized but paid for.

This guy's concept took it even further. "Australian artist Adam Norton presents the Generic Escape Capsule, a complete machine for living hidden in an old wardrobe." Source

So if the wardrobe is the entire home - where does the "sanitation device" get emptied? Hopefully not his backyard as that may be some guy's living room!

This reminds me of those tales of british castles so large the owners were never certain of what family members may have been living in a forgotten room. Imagine if you opened a wardrobe and found an aussie living inside - I'd freak out!


Sharon Rose said...

ooh, that is extreme living, LOL!!

Jennifer said...

That reminds me of people that keep their kids in closets, or kidnap other people's kids and keep them in closets.