Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clothing Size Donations

At the soup kitchen Monday night the coordinator said they are always seeking seasonally appropriate women's clothing in sizes 16 and up. According to her the homeless are often overweight due to their diets. She pointed to their dinner that night - heavy on starches and designed to fill a stomach rather than slim a waist.

The soup kitchen was in a fairly affluent area and where most of the clothing donations are in size 0 and 2 which she said "drives the ladies crazy!"

This reminded of on-line money saving communities where members constantly bemoan the high cost of eating healthier foods. The media keeps reminding us that time saving drive throughs are also us fat. Pre-processed food is often on sale.

So it looks like the thinnest in our society are neither the poorest nor the most harried but rather the wealthiest.


Rokuzen said...

Last week I saw a commercial of that Nutrisystem diet thing. They say you get a weeks worth of food (3 meals/day plus munchies) for $69.

That's $3.28 for a supposed well balanced meal... about $9.84 a day.

Were we to utilize these guys to feed say an estimated 1.6 million homeless (shelter estimates between Oct. 1, 2006 and Sept. 30, 2007.- NYT) every day for a year that would only cost us 5.7 billion dollars.

The newly christened USS George H. W. Bush aircraft carrier cost 6.4 billion. Folks, we're the only nation with a navy anymore and all our enemies are land locked!

Put that money where our mouths are.

Plus, after a year, all them overweight homeless can get million dollar modeling contracts :)