Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheaper than Cable

Should I ever need post-life help, find Patricia ArquetteI love money saving stories and guides but after a while they become repetitive. Here's one I hadn't heard before:

Replace your premium cable package with a Netflix subscription and a $100 set-top box. You can download movies and TV programs as well getting DVDs through the mail. Cost: $100 for the cheapest set-top box, plus $17 a month for a three-movie subscription. If it replaces a $50-a-month cable package, that's a 98% return on investment. Source: Small Investments With Major Returns

I have blockbuster ($20 a month) and my roomy pays for cable. If I lived on my own or paid for both I'd definitely switch to netflix. From what I read almost all current shows are available for download - with the odd exception of House.

Oh - check out my blockbuster widget on the left to see the next five movies my queue. I am currently devouring Medium Season 4. I love this show's perfect balance of suspense and humor. If I ever need post-life assistance I'm haunting Patricia Arquette!