Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Schizoid Sarah

So we're screwed out of new Sarah Connors until NEXT year! The only consolation I have is that my show wasn't outright cancelled.

This week's episode was jam packed full of everything but Derrick. We saw Future Riley get chosen and later pimp smacked by Jesse, Cameron finally catching on to her lies, a man living as a woman, Sarah get shot, Ellison meet with a spiritual advisor who discussed his aborted baby...hell we even saw Cromartie interact in a tactile way with another robot.

Every two minutes a different plot was being developed which would have been fine if the show were always moving at that pace. Unfortunately Sarah Connor isn't that type of show. They move slowly in the present by weaving in remnants of the future. One story moves along and the following week something else progresses.

Overall I was dissatisfied with their decision to advance every story line sufficiently to have us return after the winter break. I was already going to be there :)