Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music as Torture

So apparently looping loud music is a form of torture utilized by the US government.

I'd like to apologize to anyone I've ever lived with right now. After paying closer attention to my music this week I've realized that ALL of it can be used to torture a prisoner...or roomate. Lil Wayne is arguably this year's hardest working rapper and shows up on every other song played on the radio. Has anyone considered his voice as sound instead of a vessel for hilarious lyrics? Its AWFUL!

And even my beloved Kanye's newest album with its heavy use of bass and auto tone (as well as Wayne cameo) could be used to torture a person! Hell if you're run-of-the-mill depressed you should stay away from the cd.

GNR? Anyone over 15 listening to 20 hours of Axl Rose screaming would start bleeding from every orifice. Metallica? Ironically they'd be the ideal torture band except they'd end up suing the government for using their music.

It reminds me of an Eminem interview about a decade ago. The Marshall Mathers LP had just dropped and "The Real Slim Shady" was an audio tattoo. When asked how he knew it was going to be a hit Eminem said it annoyed him as much as "My name is" had a few years before. According to him the secret to a successful single was to make something so annoying it coudn't be looped.

Apparently someone in the government caught that interview ;)