Friday, December 5, 2008

Monthly Update - the quiet edition

November has always been my quietest month. The excitement of Halloween is over, winter sneaks in and I prepare to hibernate.

Last month's goals:
1. Buy a CD - Yep
2. Kickbox - I went to a class at a new school before getting my braces and was too scared to go back!
3. Cooking, Dance or Art Class - Can we count meditation as a form of dance or art? If not, then no.
4. Resolve Hair Issue - No, although its been looking nicer lately. Garnier hair gel flakes like crazy but provides excellent curl retention.
5. Write - Did I ever! Bad poetry, short stories, journalling both on and off-line as well as here. This month found me in a constant flurry of thoughts.
6. Pay Tailor's Car Loan - I belted my pants, wore longer tops and broke out skirts. That's right - instead of getting a tailor to dart all of my pants I worked around the problem. What Not to Wear would be disgraced.
7. Admit its Winter - Sadly, yes.
8. eBay - With aplomb!
9. New Job - Fail.
10. Launch Design Site - Fail.

January Goals?
I have no idea. Ten is just too many for me right now.

1. Buy CD - Can I even still count this?
2. Something arty? I don't know - a class, workshop or something?
3. eBay - Something is always waiting to be sold right?
4. Visit old friends - This is an important one I tend to ignore.
5. Plan a trip - Something to kick off these winter blues.

Its harder to set monthly goals when your financial ones have been reached. Then you have to look inside and wonder what you need superficially as well as internally. If only we could become whole unto ourselves.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I like this post, particularly the last comment you made, I'm exactly feeling this way too! Have a wonderful weekend!