Sunday, December 21, 2008

DVD like its 1984

Gets naked, makes me uncomfortableSo this weekend I finally got over my distaste of old movies and rented the Terminators. Now I feel the need to rewatch the current television series based on what I learned!

It turns out Sarah Connor wasn't always a badass! PLUS she only developped internal monologue after being jailed for doing bad things (see my aversion to spoilers?)

There were a lot of nods to the movies in the show - like when Sarah carved No Fate into the table and that poor black scientist who blew himself up after having the worst night of his life. I also get why Sarah isn't too keen on John being bffs (or more?) with Cameron - he was pretty broken up when the last terminator destructed.

Overall they were pretty decent flicks but not worth watching if you're not a fan of the current show. I still haven't seen the last Terminator but full frontal nudity Arnold in HD? Scarring.


Kelly said...

I love the show but have very little interest in ever seeing the movies. Probably due to the lack of Summer Glau. But I'm vaguely curious and I do have the 2nd one (supposed to be the best I think?) waiting on my DVR.

Anny said...

I liked two the most because it had more internal monologue and we got to see Sarah be kinda badass. In the first one she was part shocked waitress/part badass. The show references a lot of stuff from #2 too.

I finally saw three last night - visually gorgeous but not much in terms of story.