Friday, December 12, 2008

DVD Daoism

When it comes to dvds, delayed gratification is where its at. Back in my day you could buy new releases for $10 then sit back and wait for them to climb back to $20. These days the longer you wait the cheaper they get.

Case in point:

COMPLETE Angel series in gorgeous boxset for $50.99 Shipped.


I, in my anxiety and enthusiasm, purchased them as they were released for $35-$40 a season. Sure, they've brought me years of enjoyment but that's overshadowed when I check out the pretty packaging on this set.

Angel is the best show dealing with redemption and isolation in modern times. The speeches and stories can take you deeper into depression than any other show. At the same time they hold out the barest amount of hope and expect it to be enough.

I'm embarrassed to admit how much of my personal philosophy is just a repurposed Joss quote.


Jennifer said...

Eh... Having the individual seasons gives you more cred.

Anny said...

I do love cred...