Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can't Sleep, Dracaena will eat my SOUL

My dracaenaCaring for plants is a test in patience.

I love my wily dracaena full of knots and turns. When it started dropping leaves this spring I cleaned off the roots, split it into two pots and watched the regrowth.

Ironically now that winter's here and we keep the temperature at tropical levels its suffering from lack of humidity. I decided to completely uproot and stick her in a vase full of water. Initially I was going to decoupage the vase but check out this gorgeous root system!

Its like having my own little test tube science expirement...hopefully one the dracaena makes it through. The internet seems positive.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-oh I hope it survives well, unfortunately I'm no good with plants. I don't have green fingers :-(

Anny said...

Thank you! I'm being hopeful - I even asked the experts over at Garden Web :)