Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dj gets suspended - Busta still ok

Shame on Busta RhymesDJ Suspended Over Busta's 'Arab Money'; Busta Replies To Critics - I complained about this last week and am glad to see Busta being called out on it.

According to this article: “In ‘Arab Money Remix Part 1,’ in the chorus you used (‘Bismillah Ulrahman Ulrahim Alhamdullillah rab Ulalamen) which is a Quranic verse from the first Surah (chapter) in the Holy Quran,” a Muslim reader named Khalid wrote to

This is news to me. If I'd realized the chorus was from the Qur'an I would have been upset at the original, unremixed version as well. This isn't Enter Sandman - this is a deliberate offense against a religious tome. I believe in free speech and if Busta wants to make Arab Money or Lil Wayne wants to rhyme target with Target that's their choice. It doesn't mean I have to listen and it doesn't mean I have to keep my mouth shut when its lauded.

As to an award winning dj being suspended by his radio station for playing Arab Money? Unless the station had a pre-existing ban on the song I smell a lawsuit. I want to know what music the station typically plays - cause almost every rap song is offensive to someone.

However if the station had already forbidden the song's play then the dj deserves his suspension. You can't screw with your boss's revenue - regardless of how popular MySpace says you are!