Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cromartie: Am I God's Child?

Captain Snickers can satisfy me by flying off with RileyMan this is just like when I used to watch BtVS and couldn't concentrate on the current episode because I was so excited about the next one! It looks like Riley's futureness will FINALLY be revealed. I pray it leads to her expulsion or violent, bloody death. Nothing, not even a SNICKERS, would satisfy me more than to have her blood splatter all over the screen while John yells "WHY?" and Cameron watches smugly.

And Ellison is teaching the AI about the bible? In a manner reminscient of almost every other AI, it questions "Am I God's child?"

I broke into goosebumps.

So this week's episode was pretty good. It fleshed out more of the storyline and pushed me along the "Jesse's not so bad" train. It finally explained her accent (Australian, Really?) and introduced a stand-alone strong female character.

These are all good things.

John was MIA but for a phone call and my beloved Cameron was only used for force. Brian Austin Green spent a fair amount of time being rugged and attractive.


I never have much to say about an episode like this. It was fun and I dug the poetry of leaving her "target" saint medal behind. Is she saying goodbye to God, her dead family or being a target?

There is such beauty in an act with multiple interpretations.


Anonymous said...

What about when Cameron shot that guy and then said "Was he human? My mistake." Was that yet another clue to her system breaking down or did she mean to shoot him for some reason? Hm.

-Kelly (aka buffyfan30)

Anny said...

Yeah that was really strange! Whenever we see through a terminator's eyes we get a diagnostic breakdown: heart, pulse, dimensions, etc. All of a sudden its dark and she can't tell human from metal?

Has she ever called something her mistake before?

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. She'd be more likely to say "cyborgs don't make mistakes" or something. It's like her human version is slowly surfacing. It was weird how they had that whole episode where she didn't know who she was and started having human memories and then boom she was back to normal. Feels like I missed something.


Anny said...

That whole "human" episode was strange. It was my first time seeing Summer Glau display such fear and vulnerability. Even when she was whacked out on Firefly we always knew she had these latent "kill you with my brain" powers. So seeing her just give up all her cash was strange!

My Liz thinks she's learning to be human - apparently it was something that happened in the Terminator movies? I have to rewatch those suckers!