Saturday, December 6, 2008

but I don't want a new car!

Unwanted Cars
About a month ago Nissan sent me a letter.

"What could be better than driving your Sentra?" it asked in a conspiratorial tone "Driving a brand new Sentra!"

I've seen the new Sentras and will argue that driving either isn't going to be a life altering experience.

Still this article on the Island Of Misfit Luxury Imports is sad. I'm glad my toy is happily mine instead of languishing on an overcrowded lot of unwanted vehicles.

I'm sure you've heard of Detroit’s Big Three auto executives driving to DC in hybrid vehicles to request a bail out, rather than taking last month's jet. Click here for a (rather dismal) review of the cars they road tripped in.

On the brighter side - doesn't that site have a gorgeous logo?