Friday, December 5, 2008

Brace Yourself!

So getting braces last month? Definitely the best decision I've made in years! Within days there was sufficient movement to make flossing easier.

The gap between my two front teeth vanished!

I can't wait to see the dentist on Wednesday. Initially he said the process could take up to three years but this movement seems startling fast.

The floss, brush and floride post-meal routine has become second nature, thank Sonicare. I'm eating almost everything - although pizza is a meal best left for times when I'm alone ;) I stopped scratching the inside of my cheeks after the first few days and look forward to tooth pressure. Every time I feel pressure something shifts and aligns itself.

The difference in my teeth today and where they were on Halloween (the last time I showed up in pictures) is downright startling. I can't explain what its done for my confidence :)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-fantastic news, my son just had his out midweek and he looks soo gorgeous now, they really do make all the difference!

Anny said...

Really! How long did he have his in for? I'm on pins and needles waiting for Wednesday :D