Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios 08

Happy 2009I've been buzzing about all week ensuring my household is in order. I even ventured to my favorite laundromat last night to find it PACKED. There was a sign on the door saying their hours tonight will be extended until 10pm. Given the opportunity we spanish folk will procrastinate until the last second ;)

(BTW Will Smith says all this new year's prep is nonsense but he makes a living pretending to kill vampires and defacing the moon so...)

I get a lot of flak for saying how you ring in the year will dictate the new year but I'm a tremendous believer in the power of thought. So take note of who you're surrounded with tonight physically as well as mentally. Do you want to spend 09 with these folks and thoughts? If not, there is still time to change your plans!

Bring on 2009!