Saturday, November 29, 2008

Walmart Kills Black Friday - Again

I hate Walmart
That's it - Walmart needs to be banned from celebrating Black Friday. Every fucking year their store ends up in the news over stupid shit. Usually its just some schmuck hopped up on energy drinks and insomnia sucker punching someone else over a DVD player (or VCR if your memory goes that far back). Yes, Walmart shoppers fight to BUY things.

This year things in Long Island got especially out of hand when a worker was knocked over and subsequently stepped on by hundreds of people before police were able to administer aid. The 34 year old man died. Source.


While working as a greeter at a fucking Walmart on Black Friday.

First of all - the poor guy was only a few years older than me but working at Walmart. Secondly he was doing it on Black Friday. Third - he was opening. You know he woke up hating life to begin with.

Not even Ms. Cleo could have predicted this.

The mob mentality only serves to underscore how our basest emotions are only mildly kept in check by public expectation and consequences go out the window when a crowd grants anonymity.