Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time Disturbance in Sarah Connor

I have a thing for tortured menSo Sarah Connor last night - wtf happened!? While I'm glad the show finally began addressing how the future will be affected by present changes (and I always love seeing that bastard Andrew roughed up) resolution was definitely lacking.

This is one of the problems with prequels - you know that regardless of individual choice John will sally to save humanity and Sarah will die of cancer. So you start focusing on side characters like Ellison (poor, misguided fool) and Derek.

I'm not sure what to make of Asian Jolie yet. She's just too beautiful and badass to be trusted. If we hadn't seen Future Fischer tinkering in the government system I would have suspected he was just a convinient sacrifice used to foster trust.

and Cameron getting away from it all by putting her foot out of the window? Hilarious! She is definitely flirting with John but why? She's a bot and wily woman ways don't work when a guy knows that - do they?