Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Diddy - The James Bond of Cologne

Brash: ok this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen
Brash: EVER
Anny: For eva eva?
Brash: watch the Diddy - "I Am King" mini-movie
Anny: Oh Diddy, how you amuse me
Brash: it's 5 minutes of reasons why I dislike Diddy
Brash: There is...there is no point to this film.
Brash: None
Brash: wait wait...i got to the end...
Brash: it's a mini-movie to promote...
Brash: his new cologne
Brash: that just made it 50,000 times worse

Anny Note:
I actually enjoyed this video. If the powers that be ever decide to shoot a black, mute James Bond Diddy is their man! Did you see him on that jet ski!? A layperson would have soaked their tux.