Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Mind of Joss

This is one of the most intelligent Joss Whedon interviews I've heard. Normally he gets asked fluff questions with a token feminist note, throws in a few one liners and it goes to print.

Joss WhedonMJ: You create interesting heroes, as well as interesting villains. In Angel, you have the good guy fighting against an evil law firm, Wolfram and Hart. In Firefly, you have Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a defeated rebel soldier, battling the victorious planetary Alliance.
JW: Evil doesn't come in saying, [breathes heavily, Darth Vader-style], "It's your faaather." Generally speaking, it's a lot more nebulous. In fact, it usually isn't evil so much as it is a lot of people overthinking things until they find themselves caught in an untenable situation.

I listened to the interview but there is too much to absorb. I'll definitely be be relistening with pauses for thought in the next few days.

WARNING: There IS a major comic spoiler in the interview - I have the first two books and haven't come across it so it must be from the third volume.

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