Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Roundup Time

I've been kind of slacking on this site and on visiting everyone else for the past two weeks due to an excess of work and birthdays coupled with a deficit in time. My bad!

Here's a quick random round-up:

Kanye's new album is quite the concept. I haven't read any reviews (see comment re: visiting sites) but I'm pretty happy with it...well as happy as someone listening to such dour music can be. I made the mistake of throwing it in the car during a two hour commute this evening and again on a half hour late night rainy trip. Needless to say, its replaced Christophe Beck as my immediate mood downer. Portishead better watch their back!

The sad weekend buzz was over the webcammed death of a Florida teenager. My heart goes out for such a young, truncated life. Every year as the holidays approach we are assaulted with stories of suicides. Every year I'm unprepared for it. Stories like this remind me that sites like Tania's satirical blog only exist as commentary on real life.

Monday's work buzz was over a man in a neighboring town who drove 3000 miles to murder his estranged wife.

Life is strange and scary but at least we have Black Friday and half off eBay listing fees to look forward to.