Friday, November 28, 2008

on Racism in Music

I was riding about today (it was Black Friday and all) when a remix of Arab Money came on. When the dj announced Diddy and Lil Wayne were featured I turned it up and prepared to be amused.

Instead I was horrified.

I don't consider the original Arab Money racist. Its just Bustah running about saying Arabs have the most money and that's what he aspires to. As far as stereotypes go - having your people classified as rich by a rapper isn't the end of world.

But this version? I HATE the hook. The original Ron Browz’ sounded enough like Arabic to confuse non-native speakers. Even my arabic friends thought it was indian instead. The remix just sounds like Busta mocking arabic - kind of like ignorant folks make a lot of "CH" sounds when impersonating a chinese person.

And I don't know if its my knowing that he's not speaking arabic or the new lyrics or a combination but this version doesn't sound like "Arab Money" is something to be aspired to. It sounds like something to be mocked for its implied dirtiness - which is ironic cause rappers go on about drug money for entire albums.

This was a major fail on Busta's part and I hope he gets called out on it. Calle 13 suffered for their racism and so should he.