Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Motrin Irks Baby Wearers

Motrin aired a commercial this weekend touting itself as the cure-all for back and neck pains associated with "wearing" babies in slings. This surprisingly controversial message managed to piss off the internet so much Motrin had to pull their ad campaign - including taking down their site on a SUNDAY.

That will teach them to watch "What Women Want" at board meetings.

On the one hand - WOW! Look at what the internet did! A few years ago people would have snail mailed complaints or called a 1-800 number. These days YouTube, twitter, blogs and e-mail had folks bitching en masse. They claim the ad is insensitive and makes light of a mother's sacrifices while caring for an infant.

I don't have children and have never worn a baby sling. I can't pretend to understand the pressures of permanently caring for a child. However if the media can discuss post-partum depression why can't they also discuss the pains associated with caring for an infant? The cartoon says she carries her baby in a sling because it reduces infant crying and promotes bonding. These are both good things. And if she gets back pain? She can take a Motrin. Why is this such a bad message? We've demystified post-partum depression and comedians make a livelihood detailing the adventures of parenting gone awry. Why can't women say - hey this mostly wonderful experience also has physical drawbacks on my body!

However there's no such thing as bad publicity and now I know I should get Motrin the next time my back hurts. Well maybe not...I object to their use of sideways, constantly moving words.

That commercial was painful to watch.