Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monthly Goals Recap / Prediction

First lets see how I did with October's goals:

1. Purchase a CD - Done
2. Figure out how to dirty more white items - Kinda. I'm using ivory sheets but left the red curtains up.
3. Have more of the fun - October was fun OVERLOAD
4. That will thing - No comment - still not done :(
5. Research home buying - I annoyed a bunch of people then decided to continue renting.
6. Buy my G1 a carrying case & use it, sell old phone - I disliked the G1 and fielded Craigslist inquiries for sidekicks.
7. eBay - Not so bad - this bought in a few hundred bucks.
8. Start braces procedure - They go on the 12th (NEXT WEDNESDAY)
9. Garage Sale - I had one really great sale.
10. Make at least $1500 freelancing - Done

November Goals:
1. Buy a CD - Monthly goal redux
2. Kickbox - I miss being strong. I'll try to curb the excessive weight loss with more protein.
3. Cooking, Dance or Art Class - I'm wavering but will probably go for art.
4. Resolve Hair Issue - Either commit to the highlights or dye black.
5. Write - An angsty poetry phase kicked in this weekend. I miss writing but would prefer something cheerier
6. Pay Tailor's Car Loan - I refuse to buy more jeans. The size 6'es will just have to be darted until I go back up in size. I also need more holes in belts and to dart ALL my coats. I need to take a sewing workshop.
7. Admit its Winter - The sleeveless can be packed away and wool brought out. So far I've been subsisting on layers but that's not pragmatic and only creates laundry issues.
8. eBay - Buy padded envelopes and set aside a few photography hours. I have a huge amount of stuff to sell (as usual).
9. New Job - Everything I liked at work changed since September. I am unhappy here. Present Anny is financially stable and can afford a pay cut in order for Future Anny to do something fun. Time to set her up.
10. Launch Design Site - You'd never guess by looking at this page but I get paid to work with color and design. I need to get over my paralysis and just launch the thing.

I'm leaving off the will thing this month. I can't figure out what my issue is but its obviously something beyond apathy.

* image from Post Secret


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-good luck on novembers goals!

Anny said...

Thanks Sharon!