Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Looks like your Nader vote was for Naught

Random Mike and I watched the election results last night. Catching perspectives across a motley of stations (although we couldn't stay on BET too long) made for an interesting jumble of opinions. In the end we settled on CNN and let it play while we worked. McCain's defeat speech was surprisingly gracious. He also gets respect for not looking in Palin's direction when admitting his campaign made mistakes.

Obama's speech was humbling yet inspirational - although the introductory thanking of everyone felt like he was accepting a Grammy instead of a presidency. His recap of this country's strife throughout the past hundred years using the story of one woman was magnificent. It feels like we're cusping something wonderful in this country - as if we're finally living up to our forefather's expectations.

(I've also become a sucker for romance and aww'ed when he glowingly described his wife as the love of his life.)

Now that election chaos is over we can focus on the more mundane - including this nifty Cartoonizer. My friend was showing me how to convert a standard photo into a Warhollian masterpiece using contrasts and shadows. I tinkered for a bit then turned to Google. The bot results aren't as impressive as her photoshopping but way less tedious.

Also, I've finally started sending out resumes. Wish me luck!