Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kanye album free on MySpace

"Fans Will Be Able to Stream Entire 808s & HEARTBREAK Album Before Official Release of Monday 11/24 on"

The album leaked a while ago but I may still pay for it. I can't help how much I love Kanye. He has style, swagger and can make me laugh at/with him. The music's not bad either ;)

Screw Fifty for calling him out on the use of AutoTune - he's the guy responsible for "Candy Shop"! Dude went from "I'm so hardcore people shoot me" to becoming a sex symbol for eighth grade girls!

Anyway rumor has it that Kanye will be releasing another album in June - one with actual rapping. I just hope he tours again somewhere in between. I'm still kicking myself for missing Glow in the Dark.