Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm not buying what Kanye is selling

Kanye doing his thingSo it seems like every time I hear a Kanye interview lately he's bemoaning his solitude. According to all these sound bites being rich and famous will only take you so far on the happiness scale if you're alone.

And you know what? I almost fell for it!

Then I remembered this little blurb from his record release party:

"After waiting in a loading area with an open bar and a DJ, we walked up a driveway illuminated by florescent lights to a darkened room where approximately forty nude women, most of them wearing face-obscuring masks seemingly made of faux lamb's wool, stood in the middle—black girls in the front, white girls in the back. Then the entire album played without introduction or explanation." Source.

Its hard to feel sorry for a single guy who surrounds himself with paid naked chicks.


Jennifer said...

Do you ever listen to the Counting Crows? Adam Duritz is the only person I've ever felt bad for for being rich and famous.

Anny said...

I listen to them at work but don't know much him. What's his story?