Friday, November 14, 2008

Huzzah Birthday :)

So I get to be 30 today which seems like a fine time for life reflection and stuff. First the generic 6 Financial Goals by 30 list which a few people sent me within the past month:

1. Scale back the credit cards. Check.
2. Own a home -- or have a plan. Plan and money are in place.
3. Have skills. Check.
4. Give money away. To strangers? Nah, although I should sponsor a child.
5. Know thyself. Financially, yep.
6. Know smart people. To help with finances - I guess so. I've befriended a financial specialist.

Now for the goals I set at twenty-five (yes I have a five year old red folder filled with a roadmap to the type of esoteric life only I would imagine):

1. Three photocopied pages on how to sand and paint different furniture finishes. Yes, this is the first item in my folder...and while I haven't refinished anything since 2006 I am pretty confident in my abilities. Call it my HGTV, DIY books ego.

2. A cheat sheet on selecting wine. I only have wine when my roomy uncorks a bottle. I have no idea why I thought I'd be a wine drinker at 30.

3. Three pages on proper table setting and what utensils to use. Total fail. I can't remember the last time I had a meal requiring multiple utensils. I guess I figured at thirty I'd be having fancier meals.

4. Pamphlet on writing good thank you notes. Hrm I should send a thank you note to my LA host...

5. Machu Pichu flyers. FAIL extreme. I have spent more than 2/3s of my life (over twenty years) wanting to visit Peru but never do it. I get the flyers, watch the shows, read the books, chart costs, research every aspect of the visit and stay home.

6. List of places to visit within the US. I figured by 30 I'd either be more confident travelling alone or happily involved with a similarly minded person with flexible work schedules. Turns out the bulk of my travels were done in my early 20s although this year I've visited the other coast twice, Mexico and DR (which doesn't really count since that's where my family is) as well as mini-road trips along this coast. I'll revisit the list at 35.

7. Saving for retirement information. Due to lack of travelling I started doing this two years early which is nice but not a trade-off I'm happy with.

8. Home buying guides. The pragmatist in me figured I'd be in this alone. I've saved enough but don't feel mentally ready.

9. Braces info. I barely squeezed this one in. My original map had me getting them at 27 and being done by 30 so I really procrastinated.

10. Grad school. I figured by 30 I'd know what to get a Masters in. Like the wine thing it didn't really happen.

There is other randomness in the folder but I'm tired of typing. Amusingly enough there is no mention of work although the vacations and savings imply work needed to be done in order to finance the fun. Time to make a new folder for 35!


Anonymous said...

Well happy happy 30th!!

Turn all your goals as to do by the time you are 40!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Happy Birthday my dear!! Hope you are successful in your new goals-go for it!!