Thursday, November 13, 2008

Braces Post 1

As I've had braces for over twenty-four hours I am ready to proclaim myself an expert on the oral/metal hybrid. My top braces went on yesterday with the bottom ones going in after the top teeth shift and create space.

The entire procedure took a ridiculously short time (my meter didn't even run out) and was only mildly uncomfortable. The worst part was definitely the spacers. My back teeth are crowded so by the time the spacers were finally in I was bleeding all over the guy's gloves and wishing for aspirin.

There was definite pressure but no real pain in the afternoon and I was able to eat dinner (General Tso's leftovers) without any real issues. The post-dinner brush and floss was disgusting and made me reconsider rice for the next few years.

But today...

I woke up this morning feeling only mild pressure on my most troublesome teeth. By lunchtime the pressure had extended around my mouth and I was starving. Normally breakfast is a green apple and mint cookies (yes that is what I have almost every day) but both are at least temporarily off the Anny menu. Lunch was the weakest soup in the world without a moment chewing.

My co-workers started noticing my swollen face sometime around 2:00, when the real teeth pressure kicked in. Its a strange feeling - the entire top of my mouth is sensitive and feels a ton of pressure but its not a real pain. I'm also scraping the inside of my cheeks every time I smile so I expect to spend the next few days perfecting a surly expression.

Overall its not as bad as everyone predicted. I'll be swollen and in culinary distress for a few days then life will go back to normal. If chewing becomes too much of an issue I'll take some aspirin and try again later. This is all just temporary and the permanent result will be worth the impermanent pain.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Oh I feel for you, my son Chris has them top and bottom and after dentist visits, its not happy time :-( Hope you feel better soon!

Anny said...

Thanks, its infinitely better today although I'm predicting a lot of boring food choices in my future :)