Monday, November 10, 2008

Black Friday - 2008 Edition

George Bush's New Stimulus PlanThis year's Black Friday deals have been surprisingly small and quiet. Normally a ton of ad scans have been leaked by now but so far its just a bunch of rumors and the Sears catalog.

Want to see for yourself? Drop by my favorite places to research and discuss Black Friday:

BF Ads.Net - Every year these guys post ads weeks before retailers officially announce them. Every year legal action gets threatened and they have to take down certain ads. So if there is a specific store you're interested in check daily and download the .pdf before lawyers do their thing.

SlickDeals - These guys are a tremendous resource for information, misinformation and laughs.

Hot Coupon World - This is where I go to find out about drugstore deals. Everyone here is kind to a fault.

Fat Wallet - Most of the members are condescending and quick to insult each other. Its kind of amusing if you're not the poster.

I still don't know if I'll be out early this Friday. I don't have a place to fill and feel pretty set with electronics. We'll see how the ads tempt me.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I wish we had coupons in abundance like you have in the States. Unless I'm not looking in the right places of course, LOL!!

Anny said...

And I wish we had your thrift shops LOL

Do you guys have a "Black Friday" type of day at some other point in the year?