Friday, October 3, 2008

Wachovia needs to stop whoring around

Can you believe this?

Wachovia's now ditching Citigroup and letting Wells Fargo handle my money. All week they've had their little "We heart CitiGroup" message up on the index page but as soon as someone comes in waving 15.1 billion they switch allegiance.

Has Wachovia even considered Commerce? They have excellent banking hours and attractive lobbies. What does Wells Fargo have...asides from 15.1 billion?

Tobias Wong Killer Engagement Ring
Wachovia better be glad CitiGroup didn't give them one of these Tobias Wong engagement rings - diamonds are in "the ultimate reverse setting", which he notes is "perfect for tagging any surface". By "any" he means reneging exes bodies and respective property. Rumor around the internet is these babies can cut through bone...but the net tends to be a lying whore. Can you imagine how long it would take to cut through bone with a diamond ring?

If so, please seek psychiatric help or sell a screenplay.