Monday, October 20, 2008

Kill A Watt - Kill A Who?

from November's Woman's Day:
Kill A Watt energy meter
An electricity cost calculator that tells you the operating cost of any household appliance - in the same measurement units that your utility company charges you (kilowatt/hour), and in real cost per week, month or year. ($19.84;

Although utilities are included in my rent (makes budgetting a piece of cake) I would love to take this gadget for a spin. Money saving communities have been lauding them for years and some libraries even have them available for check out by patrons.

Check out the reviews for numbers on how much people were spending monthly to run stuff: "My air purifier, which I bought here on Amazon, uses 85 watts all the time... 85 * 24 hrs * 30 days / 1000 watts = 61.2kWhr * $0.20 = $12.24 a month."

This is my favorite type of trivia.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-this sounds an excellent invention!!