Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thriftiness is In!

After years of being mocked for my thrifty ways its the central topic of conversation wherever I turn! Even better than the personal validation are all the fabulous new ideas I've picked up :D

My friend brought in this month's Reader's Digest featuring a family of three that "survived" a month without buying non-essentials (milk was ok, gas was not). Most of the story was run of the mill - kid was bored one day so they cruised Costco for free snacks, played games, etc.

THEN the shower started backing up and sludge was coming out of the drain! Google estimated $1000 in plumbing repairs. Oh the drama!

Luckily he found Thrifty Fun.Com and following their advice boiled water with Dawn and poured it down the drain. Issue solved!

I barely read the rest of the story (he and the wife argued over wether 99cent sponges were an essential purchase) in my haste to check out the site. Turns out there are some pretty neat ideas - its a DIY'ers paradise supplemented with plenty of advice from visitors who answer questions (a la Yahoo with more credibility).

As to the article itself - this family was lucky to have stuff to live off of/amuse themselves for a month. Costco memberships aren't free plus they had bikes as well as a fully stocked pantry. They even made sure mental health needs were met (he traded running a therapist's errands for an hour's worth of free advice) so this wasn't a true Tale from the Hood. I'd liken their expirement to an urban campout rather than an actual experience in poverty.