Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stop Junkmail Credit Card Offers

About a year ago I started compiling my junkmail credit card offers. On a particularly bored day I opened the stack and called each lender, asking to be removed from their mailing list. Then I called the three major credit bureaus and asked them to stop selling my information to those lenders.

Talk about time sink.

ProQuo allows you to stop pre-approved credit card offers and other junk mail by telling the major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, to stop selling your personal information to marketers.

and the catch?

ProQuo also provides you the option of finding the credit card that is truly right for you by asking some simple questions about your credit card needs and preferences. We then provide a list of recommended cards based on your answers.

The service is free (for now) - presumably being carried by revenue from card applicants.


Ryan said...

I used to shred all my junk mail and distributed it evenly amongst the pre-paid credit card offer envelopes.

Apparently this can be considered a federal offense so I ended my reign of annoyance :(

Anny said...

Damn the man!

I've heard of other people pulling the shred and mail trick too - wonder how many of these they receive.