Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Starbucksian Breakfasts Deemed Boring

Sad Starbucks

I get that Starbucks is an overpriced commodity...I do...but I still feel sorry for them. It can't be easy being the default example for "save x amount of cash by eliminating small luxuries" speeches.

In an underdog move to generate revenue and woo back customers, Starbucks is going to begin selling breakfast. You're probably imagining perfect McGriddles or a Dunkin D's croissonwich...not so my fellow food p0rners. Starbucks is trying to sell HEALTHY, POSSIBLY UNTASTY STUFF!

"The Seattle company has added five new permanent "healthy" breakfast options to its menu: oatmeal, a fruit-and-nut bar, a protein plate, an apple bran muffin and a star-shaped tart topped with berries and oats called a "berry stella." Source

I wonder if they've considered just lowering the cost of their coffee? Or that delicious vanilla foam chai tea thing I take ten minutes to order due to its complicated nature and my faulty memory.