Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Staples Mailmate Shredder Emphatically Declared JUNK!

Staples Mailmate shredder is junkSee that shredder on the right? Don't buy it. Its a piece of gossah that will leave you cursing the day it ever entered your home.

Shredder 1 was purchased almost two years ago in Lyndhurst. It dealt with a fair amount of junk mail before dying just before its one year anniversary. Wayne Staples was pleasant and did an even exchange.

Shredder 2 survived less than four months of minor usage before releasing the ghost. Englewood Cliffs Staples pleasantly did an exchange.

Shredder 3 received light use every other day. That one lasted roughly three months before deciding it would never stop shredding. Ever. The only way to shut it off was to unplug it. Union City Staples was less pleasant and told me to buy a warranty. Normally I defer on warranties but this time I splurged on the $6.07.

Shredder 4 died a few minutes ago after shredding one sheet. ONE sheet - not even an envelope!

The four shredders all existed in different apartments with very minor overlaps (yes I move a lot), came from different stores and are always plugged into a UPS. None of my other electronics die. The last model (#4) has an on/off switch in the back which makes me think this model has overheating issues they are trying to correct...although none of the shredders have ever turned on their overheating light.

One. Letter.

Don't be lured in by its shiny case and solid feel, this sentient piece of junk's only desire is to see your identity stolen.