Sunday, October 19, 2008

Secret Baking

This is MY cake!Have you guys been to Post Secret? Talk about Genius Concepts! Readers mail in secrets on post cards, the webmaster scans them on-line and BOOM! Instant millions of visitors.

He doles out the cards weekly - posting a new batch on Sunday while taking down the old set. Not only does a lack of archives increase his repeat readership, it gives the site a timeliness which can be likened to the Target "I better get this now because it may not be here next time" mindset.

Even nuttier than that - he has parlayed the secrets into four different tomes (at last count) and travels across the country discussing the nature of secrets.

You have to love the internet.

Anyway I'm baking Duncan Hines® Decadent Carrot Cake and it smells delicious! (Here is the rebate form.) Speaking of rebates - today's newspaper had a thoroughly satisfying plethora of forms! Next time Walgreens drops a $ off $$ coupon I'm swarming in!