Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sad, Sad Monthly Goals Recap

Laundry Room Poster

You know that saying about March roaring in but ambling to a close? September was the exact opposite! It started off pleasantly with slow adventures and quiet reflection then spiraled into the type of month that leaves my room full of half unpacked bags and dubious amounts of edible food in the cabinets.

So lets see how badly I fared with September's goals ;)

1. Ten No Spend Days - Yeah I went way over the limit on this one. I have no idea by how many since I'm lousy at tracking but this was a pretty cheap month.

2. Acquire Collapsible Luggage - Sadly purchased at full price and immediately given away.

3. Achieve 125lb weight, stay there - I didn't weigh myself all month but my jeans feel loose again. That's not a good sign.

4. Minimize Credit Cards - Done.

5. Send out Resumes last week of month - I'm debating where to live and the move will dictate where I work. This is deferred.

6. Update Will - I didn't do this at all, although I have it planned in my head down to where I would be buried. Fail.

7. Garage Sale - I hawked a bunch of stuff that was useless and netted a bunch of dollah bills y0

8. eBay - This pulled in over a grand last month. Sweet.

9. Clean out Digicam - Done.

10. Storage - My room is in chaos at the moment. This will hopefully be done after work.

Sadly I rushed to do laundry today (see procrastinator comment above) because I misremembered my horoscope faux-goal. Ooops, looks like I was supposed to do laundry EARLIER in order to achieve romantic climates. Once again I have fallen for clever marketting and ended up with clean clothes. Wily Bastards!

Actually I did laundry twice in September but once was before reading that magazine. Think that counts?


Frugal Trenches said...

You accomplished some great things! Good luck with the next set of goals!