Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Goals

Ehh, mock all you want but I'm going to keep up with this ten monthly goals thing. Setting cheesy goals is fun if they're supplemented by serious to-do lists.

1. Purchase a CD - I probably shouldn't be tying up money if I want to buy a house but what's a grand in the ... grand scheme of things? Besides how cool would it be to have cds maturing monthly?

2. Figure out how to dirty more white items - My whites load is pathetic! I go to a coin laundrymat and it KILLS me to pay full price for what is essentially a quarter load. I may take down my red curtains and put up white ones - labor day be damned!*

3. Have more of the fun - This one is kind of a cheat since I'm concerting next week and traveling at the end of the month. Just because summer is over doesn't mean I should waste away inside the apartment!

4. That will thing - Seriously. I set my brother up as my Payable on Death on my bank accounts so that's a start but a single girl needs to have her paperwork lined up.

5. Research home buying - Continue harrassing home owners with inane questions, google tangents and read books with compelling titles like "Idiot's Guide to 1st Time Home Ownership."

6. Buy my G1 a carrying case & use it, sell old phone - My poor sidekick has gotten dropped, scratched, kicked and shoved constantly. As I plan to love the G1 like a pet I should plan to take care of it too.

7. eBay - This will be harder this month due to travel. Bidders are lousy payers who consistently take over a week to send paypal! Inevitably as soon as I am away from the item the money pops up.

8. Start braces procedure - I'm due for my cleaning so I may as well get that braces thing started too. Between x-rays and nonsense I figure wires won't actually be attached until November. That's keen cause I'll get to remember turning 30 with braces :D

9. Garage Sale - The weather is still warm enough but its been raining inconsistently. I would be thrilled to squeeze in another sale (read: make money while sitting around reading magazines and people check out my stuff).

10. Make at least $1500 freelancing - The scorpio in me is alarmed by all the upcoming expenditures and wants to pursue slightly more dependable income (no offense to eBay and garage saling). As freelancing tends to burn me out this will not be a monthly goal.

So that's my loose set of ten goals for October. I feel confident about being able to complete all of them - weather permitting.

* not really, I look forward to getting Labor Day off yearly


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing as I thought buy a CD meant a CD as in music :)

Good luck with all your goals!

Sallie's Niece said...

Braces, eh? I'm thinking about getting some (again) myself. What did they cost if you don't mind my asking?