Friday, October 17, 2008

New Printer Edition

Has cooler features than I need ;)When purchasing technology I tend to go overboard. I needed a printer, wanted a scanner and somehow ended up with a 4 in 1 professional system that weighs about half as much as I do.

Thankfully its wireless.

So this is AnnyToyV28 on our home network. Set-up took an embarrassing TWO hours due to my forgetting our router's login info changed when switching from DSL to Cable. I installed, troubleshot, called Lexmark, uninstalled, repacked for return, had an epiphany, unpacked and reinstalled everything. Exciting times.

I went to Staples because:
1. They mailed me a $25 off $75 coupon (always get the store card)
2. I had $55 store credit from the shredder debacle
3. 3.5% sales tax
4. 5% AMEX cashback

I opted against Staples' warranty because Lexmark has a 5 year warranty and AMEX tacks on another year. So I'm covered through 2014. Of course I went with Lexmark because it qualifies for Walgreens' toner refills. You can't beat $10 for b&w and $15 for color refills - especially if you pay with a gift card!

(While there I picked up the free after rebate all in one remote control. Cashback completely off-sets tax.)