Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Modern Sloth Post

Blogging About Nothing

Rosey the Robot from the JetsonsThings have been overly hectic since I returned from vacation. Yet I remain well fed in a clean and pleasant smelling home. How do I do it?

Technology, my dear Watson.

This morning whilst brushing my teeth I filled the Scooba and unplugged the Roomba. Right before I left for work I threw a bunch of stuff into my crockpot (potatoes, chicken, bbq, random spices, peppers and onions) and set it on low. I set the Scooba loose in the living room and the Roomba in my bedroom.

When I go home at lunchtime I'll throw a burger (wrapped in waxxed paper to prevent stickage and mess) unto the George Foreman while I rinse the Scooba, clean the Roomba and plug them both back in.

After work I'll eat my Crockpot Surprise while watching dvr'd tv and Scoobaing the kitchen. Then I'll be off to fulfill family obligations until late. When I get home I'll do some layout work on the laptop before bed.

My mom makes three home cooked meals a day, mops by hand and never has a pile of unironed clothing. She's also a housewife who gets up by 6am and goes to bed after 10. These are different times and they call for desperate measures.