Sunday, October 12, 2008

Its not like I need it

Dear Santa,

A connoisseur of the heart's whims, such as yourself, must have a tremendous wishlist of useless items it would be fun to possess. However you're a practical fellow who understands these whimsical items are the font of future garage sales.

Does your list include a personal embosser? If it does, I completely agree that its nifty but wouldn't get sufficient use to justify possession. We only send out mail at the holidays and own less than thirty books. Do you even have recipe cards? I have some .txt files.

Therefor we must continue our embossedless lives with less clutter, more money and a heavy heart.

Your Commiserator,

Stop looking at your co-worker's home decor catalogs! We may never reach Frugal Trenches status but we can exist with less clutter.


Anonymous said...

That looks lovely!

Thanks for the mention! I never thought I'd get here either!!

Anny said...

Do you own one of these embossers?