Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Work Chatter

I'm ready to admit things at work aren't all apples and sunshine. First Enyce was sold off for a ridiculous loss - even though it led to Diddy's MARVELOUS vlog. As a non-shareholder, the entertainment value was a fair tradeoff for me. Towards the end of last week our CEO posted a less amusing vlog (on the intranet) which included:

"In fact, beginning at the end of September and very significantly in these first few weeks of October, we’ve seen a significant downward trend in traffic and spending at our stores. This has resulted in our providing Wall Street with a forecast that reflects the business being down in fourth quarter significantly below what we had expected even just five or six weeks ago."

Not good.

We had a meeting this morning about stock being so low the company is worried someone will swoop in and buy two labels. Even though the liquid numbers tossed around sound fine and we were told jobs were safe its not a calm environment.

Already there have been changes made to the garments I deal with. Instead of fun, silly prints we're churning out a lot of solids and basic interchangable pieces. I guess its all indicative of the times. Drawing a standard plaid sure is easier than a flower ;)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-sure hope your job is safe for a long time to come my dear, I think its gonna be a rocky road for all for a while.

Anny said...

Hey and thanks :) Its been a rocky year filled with constant layoffs so I can't worry any more than usual! Financially I'll be safe either way.