Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DVR - the Curse of Productivity!

Niecy Nash, hostess of Clean House
We've had a DVR for ages but I only record Sarah Connor and Design on a Dime. Sure, I could catch them on-line but why settle for a small screen when I can lounge in comfort?

I was tinkering with the DVR last night and foolishness ensued. That's right - I rediscovered Clean House. The show's premise is simple - people with tremendous clutter call in a team of designers/builders/organizers to clean it up. The catch is money for the renovations must be made at a garage sale where all the previous clutter is sold.

This show plays up to three of my slothful interests:
1. I'm nosy and love a good tearjerker
2. I'm drawn to garage sales - even as a voyer
3. Beautiful, practical design makes me swoon

So I set the DVR to record and this afternoon returned to FOUR new episodes. That's right - Clean House is on for an eigth of a day EVERY day. Even with fast forward it took me almost three hours to watch - which is just ridiculous! I had to remove it from the record list in order to avoid future time sink temptation.


Sadly last weekend featured perfect garage sale weather but I was stuck far from my wares. I keep looking at this Saturday's forecast but its worse than watching the stock market! Earlier today it was a predicting a sunny 70 and now it says showerry 52. I can sell in 70 degree weather but 52? I'm staying inside!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I love them too-we call them boot sales! We were lucky with the weather Saturday and Sunday, so I went both days!!

Anny said...

I saw! You found insanely great bargains :D