Thursday, October 23, 2008

Domino's encourages internet leeching

I was waiting for my Domino's carb fix and picked up a "Now Hiring" business card.

The back said:
"We encourage you to use a free Internet resource (such as your local high school, public library, friend's house, etc.) to access our website at and view all open positions."

I like the leeching internet suggestion. If you're applying for a full-time job at Domino's you either live at home or probably shouldn't afford internet (ask Suze!).

Its nice of the company to recognize that. Now if you were to apply for a PART-TIME job you probably live three blocks away and are hoping they assign you one of those adorable bikes to deliver pizzas in ;)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-haha, it is a cute little bike!

Anny said...

I wouldn't mind delivering pizzas if it meant I got to zip around on that :D