Friday, October 10, 2008

Daddy Yankee Debate Follow-Up

Daddy Yankee upgrades Snoop friendship for McCain
Apparently last night's debate didn't result in a total debacle: Daddy Yankee takes on new role as debate moderator.

from the article: Best known for his song "Gasolina," Daddy Yankee already has delved into national politics by endorsing Republica Sen. John McCain for president as "a fighter for the Hispanic community." Residents of this U.S. Caribbean territory, however, cannot vote in the presidential election.

This guy needs to redefine "fighter" and stay off the mainland where he can't vote.

Again, don't tell Diddy.


MTV's mock letter from Daddy Yankee to Fat Joe post-debate. I think MTV's trying to start some ish and kill off more urban musicians.

Ok, you can tell Diddy now.