Friday, October 10, 2008

Calle 13 Rocks!

Dear Residente,



I've been a cheerful little Calle 13 fan for a few years and got the chance to see them last night. My voice is hoarse from the fun!

PG-13 of Calle 13Residente came across as a totally humble, fun loving guy with serious skills (and abs) rather than the lewd miscreant I was expecting. Visitante spent the whole time switching musical instruments and making me go WOW. PG-13 was the most unexpected (and tiny) member of the group. She has more vocals on their upcoming album and really got to display her musical range on those songs. I think she also has a Lolita complex because she kept switching between sensual gyrations and skipping around with a huge pink, lace trimmed parasol like a little girl.

I came home reveling in my new Residente crush but alas - a quick google search shows he's been happily comitted for YEARS to a former Ms. Universe. In a throwback to my grade school days she's his bride in the Tango del Pecado video above. Remember when Axl Rose wed Stephanie Seymour in November Rain? This is EVEN WORSE cause there are such a finite number of attractive yet talented spanish musicians.

Weep ;)