Thursday, October 9, 2008

1000 floggings with a wet noodle and all that ;)

Daddy Yankee - endorsing the wrong candidate since 2008Remember that monthly goal to make an extra $1500 through freelancing this month? Assuming I don't waste away due to exhaustion I can check it off the list. This week I'm balancing three clients, spending time with Mom before she goes home on Sunday, homeworking and putting in my regular forty hour workweek. Something had to give and unfortunately it was daily posts here.

Enough boringness - since I've been spending most of my time around spanish folks I've been keeping up with spanish culture. The big hubbub this week is reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee's moderation of the Puerto Rican governor debate. Whether the government is trying to appeal to younger folk or just alienate older ones depends on who you ask. I'm for it - after all questions are pre-scripted and I'd rather watch the guy who convinced everyone to mispronounce Gasolina than a staid political analyst. Just don't tell Diddy or he'll start campaigning for the job too! And we all know he can't afford to fly his jet around.

Sadly I also learned of "Google Goggles" from Rafael Pineda. Google has a logic filter which will ask a series of MATH questions before allowing late night e-mails to be sent. This will supposedly keep users from making sketchy decisions regarding exes at 4am. Sadly it is 2008 and no one sends long winded diatribes via e-mail anymore ... its all about text and instant message.

The people who SHOULD implement this technology are ATM programmers. Remember Chris Rock's bit?

Chris Rock is a funny MOFO
"Drugs are illegal but ATM machines are open twenty four hours a day. Twenty four hours a day. For who? Who the fuck is it open for? Have you ever taken out three hundred dollars at four o'clock in the morning for something positive? Shit when you press that machine at four o'clock in the morning I think a psychiatrist should pop up on the screen an go 'c'mon man, save your money man. Don't buy drugs buy some rims!'"

I'm gonna one-up him and ask that ATMs make people figure out their balance before making post-midnight withdrawals. A virtual teller (maybe one who looks like the evil redhead on Sarah Connor) would pop up and say "Anny you have $387 in checking, if I dispense $140 how much will you have left?"

Imagine if someone is being mugged at an ATM and both people are trying to figure out the math problem! I can imagine the mugger going "Fuck this, I went into crime cause I didn't want to use my brain!" and splitting.

I may have just solved the mugging epidemic...someone invoice Bloomberg!