Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm not saying she's a Gold Digger

New Car WomanAccording to this month's Elle 52% of new cars in America are purchased by women. I was surprised by this figure since women earn lower income and seem to have less vehicular interest.

I showed my brother the article and he immediately scoffed "How many of those car payments are made my boyfriends and husbands?"

I did my trademark Sputter of Rage and reminded him that I paid my car off without financial assistance. He claims that places me in the 10% minority of women with new cars. I love talking to my brother because he views life from such a different sociological perspective.

Yet my brother made a very apt point - a lot of women in the extremely urban area where we grew up are financially supported (or at least supplemented) by significant others. Back in high school many of my friends dated guys who would routinely buy them sneakers or give them money to go shopping. They were trading away their parental dependence for boyfriend dependence but that's a rant for another day.

A few years ago the financial buzz was that teenagers had purchasing power, in spite of being mostly unemployed. Higher priced technology and clothing was marketted directly to them instead of appealing to the parents who would be shelling out cash.

Is there a morally viable option for tapping into the "supported girlfriend" market?


Ryan said...

This is the modern equivalent of trickle down economics.

Richie rich parents have young male bratlings who sponge off of them. They in turn get low income family girlfriends. Various things trickle down and the girlfriends get paid.

Anny said...

Its not just rich parents and their kids - back in P-Town high school (and some rapidly developping grade) schoolers were often clothed by boyfriends. Even in my family I see the girls receiving random pricey junk from guys. Its definitely a trickle down exconomy - now how can you and I capitalize on it? ;)