Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Take that Cha Cha!

Around two weeks ago Mike im'ed me at 1am: "Now everyone can have their own Anny!" I was instantly wide awake, trying to figure out who or what was trying to hone in on my best friend.

The service is called ChaCha and I 0wnz it.

How do I know? Because every time Mike has asked me a random question in the past two weeks I've been able to find the answer faster and with more accuracy than the free texting service.

I am a tad competitive.

However if you are less odd, have tons of unused (or free) texts and an insatiable need for constant information this service may be for you: http://www.chacha.com/ or just text ChaCha (242242) and try not to call it Smarter Child.


If you live in Tokyo (according to my blog stats 0% of you do) you may be interested in Japanese cellphones to turn into 'robot' buddies. Its supposed to have limited AI and text you stuff like "You're calling her often these days, aren't you?"

Once it stops users from sending insomnia fueled texts I'll buy one. I'll call it Mike 2.0 and feed it sweet, sweet electricity.


elena3070 said...

Robot buddy cell phones! Would that make me a total loser or the coolest kid on the block? I don't care, I want one!
ChaCha has definitely won me a few trivia bets. You can ask anything! Got directions to the nearest coffee shop with WiFi the other day.
Just had to give you props on two great finds!