Friday, September 5, 2008

The Stone Soup of Posts

ScoobaIn case you missed it Buy.Com has my Scooba for $149.99. The catch is that its reconditioned but I've always heard great things about iRobot's return policy on remanufactured items. During last year's $99 woot Roomba extravaganza a few people reported issues to the company and received brand new models for free. My review of the device is here but if you want the cliff notes version: <3

September Goals - I've had two pseudo-spend free days so far. I say pseudo because I've been purchasing postage daily to ship out eBay stuff. I'm counting those days since bidders paid for it and I'm only the conduit. I've bought rebatables every other day this week and splurged on guava paste comfort food.

I've been eBaying with mixed success. A few winners were first time buyers who constantly e-mailed questions instead of asking google. One person with 226 positive feedback told me three days after winning the auction she couldn't pay for it. Another is a teacher putting together a "basket of designer bags" to auction at her school which is neat. One guy won two items and asked me to mail to Texas even though he lives in Mexico in order to save on postage. There is hardly a straightforward transaction when eBaying!

I tried minimizing the number of credit cards I carry but that didn't go so well. Turns out I can't combine my oldest account (personal amex) with the business amex. Since its silly to close the oldest account I'll just shred the card and keep an eye on it when I log in to pay the other amex. I closed my business master card without any hassle although as expected the service rep offered a 12 month 0% apr and other silliness to "tempt" me into staying.

That's it for this update. Stay tuned next week wherin I'll reveal my current weight and the status of my Great Collapsible Luggage Quest of aught8!