Thursday, September 11, 2008

Someone Get Todd McFarlane on the Phone NOW!

Palin Action Figure Once you get him please pass along my contact info and say I think he's uber awesome and its amazing that he can replicate such gory detail across so many toys for such an affordable price. Make sure he sends a picture with his original e-mail cause I have a feeling he's ancient but I need to be sure first.

Ok, make believe dating life aside... ;)

Can you believe the crappy work on this Sarah Palin action figure? Barbie got over visible joints before Palin was even born! The folks making these things are Hero Builder and they are obviously NOT affiliated with Todd McFarlane in any capacity. Its like comparing a grade schooler's scribbles to a calligrapher!

Just look at the schoolgirl version of Palin! She looks like Dr. Frankenstein assembled her!!! McFarlane needs to save us from this legion of craptasticism. STAT!